We want to give you one more reason to bike or walk, so we developed Wheeley GO. For now you can use it in Cluj and Oradea, but keep an eye out, we have big plans!

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Apart from passionate cyclists, the rest of the citizens are not motivated enough to use their bike or to go on foot as an alternative to motorized transport.
As a result, we set off to identify new ways to promote the existing cycling infrastructure and to encourage all citizens to use biking and walking for their daily activities. At the same time WheeleyGo also targets public authorities – by offering information on how intensely various cyclist and pedestrian routes are used – as well as companies, providing a good opportunity to promote themselves and, at the same time, to pomote environmentally friendly means of transport.


Following an exchange of best practices between different European cities, we decided it was time to act in our region as well.
As a starting point we had a well-known example from Andalucia Region in Spain, where the initiative was a real success, being able to motivate citizens to use healthier and more environmentally friendly means of transport. We transposed and adaptated the initiative to the local context and Wheeley GO was born .


Wheeley GO helps you make the best choices when it comes to moving around the city in a fun and easy way: record your daily trips, access their results and participate in multiple contests initiated by your community (town hall, companies, associations, etc.).
Choose to travel by bike, by scooter or on foot and depending on the number of traveled kilometres you will have access to various rewards offered by the partners registered in the app.

The North-West Regional Development Agency is one of the 5 partners implementing the TRAM project. TRAM has started in April 2016 and it will officially come to an end in March 2021, being financed by the Interreg Europe 2014-2020 Interregional Cooperation Programme. The general objective of the project is to improve urban policies by capitalizing on the experience of partner regions, through the exchange of experience and by implementing action plans to increase the impact of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. More details about the TRAM project can be found here.


The Roll-Mi app is the twin brother of Wheeley GO, which was created with the same purpose: to invite cyclist, pedestrians and people on scooters to a game through which they can help create a greener and more environmentally friendly city. The app records each trip of the registered users and rewards the best results in each category (individual or in teams). If you want to know more, visit the Roll-Mi website here:


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Wheeley GO is now available in Google Play and the App Store for mobile phones running Android 4.1+ and iOS 12+.

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